The Club has an extensive library of Austin Seven-related books. These are available to members on short-term loan by arrangement with the Librarian, John Hazel,
Please contact John by e-mail or by phone - 01953 488219

Library catalogue

Title Author Title Author
The Book of the Austin Seven Goodwin Austin 7 - A Unique Portfolio Pitt
The Book of the Austin 7 & 8 Abbey Motor Sport Book of the Austin 7 Boddy
The Austin 7 Book Nicholson Original Austin 7 Rinsey Mills
The Austin Seven Source Book Purves Seven Years with Samantha Ball
The Austin 7 - A Pictorial Tribute Wyatt The Austin 7 Wood
The Austin 7 - The Motor for the Millions (1968) Wyatt The Austin 7 - The Motor for the Millions (1972) Wyatt
Colemanís Drive Coleman Austin 7 Specials Williams
Thinking of Buying an Austin 7? Baldock Austin Sevens in Europe Baldock
Tuning & Maintenance of the
Austin 7
PWA7C Austin Seven Equipment and Accessories
Austin From The Inside Henry A7 Service Journals (2 copies) Seven Workshop
Austin 7 1922-82 Brooklands Maintaining our transport heritage FBHVC
Austin 7 Harvey The Austin 7 Manual Woodrow
Austin 7 List of Production Changes A7CA Zenith series 24T2 carburettor service booklet